Revolutionizing Commercial Spaces with Smart Window Solutions

The smart office market was valued at about $35 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach nearly $74 billion by 2027, representing a faster-than-average compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 13 percent.

But chances are when you think of the concept of the smart office, things like desks, lighting, climate control, occupancy sensors and cloud computing first come to mind. However, smart window solutions are another key feature that’s gaining traction in the office and contributing to a more automated, streamlined office environment.

In this post, we’ll explain what smart windows are, some of their key benefits and the types of solutions you can integrate into a commercial property. Read on to learn more.

What Are Smart Windows?

Simply put, smart windows are windows that incorporate automation, integrate sensor technology to enhance comfort and security, and help promote a more energy-efficient environment.

Smart window shades, blinds or other types of window treatments wirelessly connect such features in the office to a smart device or central control system. This helps office managers automate when they open and close each day to maximize natural lighting and enables them to be controlled remotely. Treatments may also be voice-activated for even easier opening and closing. Treatments are typically either hard-wired to a building’s electrical system or operated on batteries.

Window treatments may also integrate sensors to help automatically open and close based on the amount of sunlight they’re receiving. For instance, when there’s abundant sun, the treatments would open to promote more natural daylight in the office environment. When there isn’t a lot of sun, blinds or curtains would draw. Blinds can be programmed to be automatically drawn after hours to help with other office security measures.

Smart windows are applicable in just about any commercial environment, but are particularly popular in hotels, retail stores and office buildings.

Key Benefits of Smart Window Solutions

There are a variety of benefits associated with smart window solutions, from helping promote a more sustainable environment to enhanced security. Here’s a closer look at some of these benefits:

Enhanced natural daylight

Allowing more natural daylight into a commercial property means you’ll be able to conserve electricity and optimize sunlight, so it strikes the perfect balance between comfort and privacy. Natural lighting also has proven health and productivity benefits. According to Occupational Health & Safety magazine, natural light in the workplace helps improve mood, sleep cycles, Vitamin D levels and overall productivity levels.

Reduce heating and cooling costs

Smart window treatments don’t just help reduce electricity costs, they can also help reduce heating and cooling costs. It’s estimated that up to 30 percent of a property’s heat energy is lost through the windows. Automated window coverings can help improve energy loss by helping to better regulate temperatures.

High-end aesthetics

One of the reasons smart window solutions are becoming increasingly popular in hotels is the impression they make on guests. Smart window treatments give off a high-end vibe and can create favorable impressions with any hotel guests, helping to create repeat customers.

Enhanced security, safety

Privacy and security are also an important benefit of smart window treatments, especially hours after most of – if not all – of a business’s workforce have left for the day. While all firms should have a robust security system in place, window treatments that can be programmed to close at a certain hour of the day can ward off any suspicious bystanders and help enhance a firm’s overall security efforts.

Additionally, as motorized smart solutions are cordless, they also offer safety benefits for building occupants.

Types of Smart Window Solutions

Most window treatments can become “smart” – it’s just about integrating the various smart technologies into the platform to automate such systems. Some of the common treatments include:

  • Motorized roller shades
  • Motorized curtains
  • Solar shades
  • Remote control treatments
  • Voice-activated treatments
  • Specialty solutions that help reduce solar glare and control RF signals.

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